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Earlier this week I posted a bird image on the blog along with my thoughts on how bird photography is not really my favourite thing.

During the last few weeks I have been updating my Lightroom catalogs and I found this image.


Fighting Brünnich’s Guillemot’s

Hinlopen Strait, Svalbard

Canon 5D Mark III, 400mm, 1/800, f/5.6 , ISO 2500

This particular bird sighting kept us completely glued to the back of our cameras.

The two Guillemots had a disagreement about a small rocky ledge and then, after falling into the water continued to, literally, beat the crap out of each other.

For those 10 minutes I did not care about whether I was a bird photographer or not.

All I was worried about was capturing the action of a wildlife subject in it’s natural environment without getting involved or influencing their behaviour.   I could not care that the subject was a bird as the images I was getting was telling a story.  I was capturing a unique, natural scene – bird photographer or not.

Each subject has it’s own magic and you can, if you are patient, create incredible images regardless of whether it’s a Guillemot or a lion.

I am not a specialist bird photographer, and I truly admire people who take this genre to that next level, but hey… if it’s in front of me when I’m out in the field and my photographic eye likes the scene I will most definitely shoot it!

We all have our own favourite subjects but don’t let that get in the way of creating great wildlife images.

Shoot what you see!

Until next time!


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