Should I Loose the Towers?

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Right, last post in this series.


Based on all the feedback on the previous two posts it was unanimous that the dead wildebeest in this post and the tree in this post should remain in the image.  In both cases the potentially distracting element was natural, a part of nature and part of the story.  It would have been pretty easy to crop out the wildebeest or the tree which is acceptable as a part of the post processing process.


So now, let’s ask the same question again but change the details slightly.


In the following image, should I loose the towers behind the hippo?



This image was shot on the Chobe River in Botswana and the towers in the background are situated across the river in the small town of Kasane.


Think about it.  They occur ‘naturally’ in the environment where the hippo finds himself.  


When I was sitting on the boat looking at and photographing the hippo the towers formed a part of the story.  Depending on your point of view you could spin it as man and nature in harmony with each other or you could see the towers as a distraction that shows how humans are intruding on the hippo’s natural environment.


Either way, the question stands.


If I were to ‘remove’ the towers the image would look like this.




Did I change the story?  


Am I presenting a false image of the destination I visited or am I purely distilling the image down to it’s core to show the animal in it’s natural environment?


I know what my thoughts are, and I do feel quite strongly about them, but first I am going to ask you what you think?


One more time – should I loose the towers?


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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