The Other Side of a Photo Safari

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As wildlife photographers, it makes sense that the majority of the images and experiences that we share with one another focus on incredible wildlife sightings, or sightings from which we can learn and grow. I thought I would take a step back from this showcase/technical angle and take a look at the other side of a photo safari.

What do I mean by this? Well, whilst a dedicated photographic safari is without a doubt focussed on getting exciting and unique images while learning new techniques out in the field, there is another aspect which is often overlooked… That of the actual wilderness experience.

Its sitting around the campfire in the evenings, enjoying brunch under the shade of a tree, meeting local people, sitting back in awe of the open skies.

It’s immersing yourself in nature.

Whilst many of our blogs focus on sharing the highlights of the photographic part of our safaris, there is only one other post which shares a bit more about the overall experience, and that is this post which showcases 99 images snapped by guests with their iPhones. The phone is just so much easier for capturing things behind the scenes, but apart from that, wildlife photographers aren’t the greatest of fans when it comes to having people pics in amongst their wildlife pics!

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a selection of images which I feel convey the sense of adventure and share “that other side” of a photo safari. Whilst many of you may have seen some of these on my Instagram feed,┬áthis is the first time that I’ve shared many of these on the blog.

Behind the Camera-2

Behind the Camera-3

Behind the Camera-4

Behind the Camera-5

Behind the Camera-6

Behind the Camera-8

Behind the Camera-9

Behind the Camera-10

Behind the Camera-11

Behind the Camera-12

Behind the Camera-13

Behind the Camera-14

Behind the Camera-15

Behind the Camera-16

Behind the Camera-17

Behind the Camera-18

Behind the Camera-19

Behind the Camera-20

Behind the Camera-21

Behind the Camera-22

Behind the Camera-23

Behind the Camera-24

Behind the Camera-25

Behind the Camera-26

Behind the Camera-27

Behind the Camera-28

Behind the Camera-29

Behind the Camera-31

Behind the Camera-32

Behind the Camera-33

Behind the Camera-34

Behind the Camera-35

Behind the Camera-36

Behind the Camera-37

Behind the Camera

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