Where Silent Gods Stand Still

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Driving into Lake Nakuru in the late afternoon, I felt an overwhelming sense of reverence as we drove through the forests of Fever Trees that surround the lake.

These massive yellow trees have always had an effect on me since I was a child, and this has not seemed to change as the years have gone by.

The silence and stillness that surrounded the lake was, to say the least, pretty magical as we approach it. We can hear the flamingoes, pelicans, and other water birds that are on and around the lake, but whether it was myself unconsciously dimming out the sounds or the forest absorbing them, it only added to the allure and ancient feel about the area to me.

As we rounded the road, the trees suddenly thinned out into nothing, leaving an open plain before us that led to the our first photographic sighting along the water’s edge…

A female rhino and a sub-adult.

With the morning mist in the distance and hovering over the surface of the lake, it was such a special moment and scene to witness and be a part of.

The sub-adult slowly started moving away from the female, eating the lush grass as he made his way to a piece of water that was detached from the lake.

My heart was starting to pound as I knew what image I now wanted to capture. There and then. It was so clear in my mind.

Under my breath, I was constantly willing the rhino to approach the water and drink its fill. The reflection would be perfect. The misty, bright overcast morning would make it crystal clear. I closed my eyes and I could see it.

The silence in the car was overpowering.

We were all hoping for the same thing. The silence was only broken by the occasional whisper; ‘Go on, go to the water…’

And the rhino did.

And it was perfect.

I captured the exact moment I envisioned; that second where the rhino starts to lift his lips from the water’s surface… the ripples created from the movement…that moment of awareness from the rhino.

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Nikon D7000, 300mm f/2.8, ISO 500, f/4, 1/500

There is so much to be inspired by.

Open yourself to where you are.

Drink it in.

There is nothing more amazing than that as you let the destination inspired your vision and images.

Penny Robartes

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