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Mara Updates from Andrew-2

The Masai mara is well known for sightings of the beautiful and majestic cheetah and it has not disappointed so far this season. This week our guests have been treated to a number of different sightings and even a full hunt from start to finish.

Typically these animals are more active during the heat of the day when other predators are less active.

This particular image was taken moments before this female and her youngster stalked and killed a young Thompsons Gazelle.

Mara Updates from Andrew-3

Being able to spend the full day exploring the Masai mara with the Wild Eye guides is a massive bonus.

Not only does one get to see more of the region, which is actually quite diverse, but this gives you an opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch beneath an acacia tree and enjoy endless views across the plains and some of the biggest skies in Africa!

I snapped this during one of our lunch stops as one of our guests captured the moment.

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One of the most noticeable differences that I have seen on this years migration safaris is the unusual low level of the Mara River.

On many of the crossings our groups have witnessed, the wildebeest have been able to ensure a safe passage by literally walking across the river. The low level has resulted in a number of small beaches being exposed in the middle of the river and these are often dominated by hippos sunning themselves.

Here a hippo moves away form the madness of one of the larger crossings that we have witnessed over the last two weeks

Mara Updates from Andrew-5

One of the most iconic of the african predators. It has been interesting to see how the predator density, especially that of lions, has picked up since the big herds returned to the Mara Triangle.

We have also seen a number of females who either have young cubs, or are on the verge of giving birth. It seems that the lion population in the region is dong well and we have enjoyed hearing them roaring around our camp at night.

This group of 5 lions had killed a young zebra and were cleaning up the bones in the shade of a Shepherd’s Tree.

Mara Updates from Andrew


We have seen a number of big male lions over the last two weeks.

This one was first spotted by our guests during their hot air balloon safari in the marshy region in the north west portion of the Mara Triangle.

There are also two big males that have been seen and heard roaring around our camp on the banks of the Mara River.

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