Some of my Favorite Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

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The keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this video are:

[list type=”bullet”]
  • G – Grid view
  • E – Loupe view (view image at full screen size)
  • D – Jump to Develop module
  • L – Turn lights on and off
  • Y – Before and after view
[/list] [space height=”20″]

In future videos I will look at a few more Lightroom keyboard shortcuts that might help to you streamline your digital workflow.

If you have any questions, comments are open!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  2. Anja Denker

    Thanks for these handy short cuts Gerry, most important thanks for sharing your knowledge – greatly appreciated.
    Nice to see more people using lightroom; the majority seem to use photoshop…

    Kind regards

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