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After recently reading Alistair’s Blog on Social Influencers or Thought Leaders?  And what is the Difference? it got me thinking…

With social media taking over the world in a big way and part of our lives on a daily basis, why are we comparing ourselves to others?  Is this something that we grow up with?  Competing on every level of life?

From an early age we want to be the fastest, the smartest, the best.  Don’t get me wrong, competition is great and it is wonderful way to drive you to do better, but as long as you don’t lose track of who YOU are and what YOU are trying to achieve.

Social media can be a very misleading tool.  You can post a few images, buy a ton of followers and make everyone think that you are “amazing”.  So why compare?  If you do what you believe in and you are authentic and get real followers with people that engage with you on a personal level, whether it be 1 or 10 000 surely then you are winning?

I remember when I joined Wild Eye a bit more than two years ago and sitting in the office watching the planning and preparations for different Safaris.  Bookings were coming in, phone calls were being made, meetings were scheduled…  And here I was not knowing where my next booking is going to come from.  You know what the best advice I’ve ever received during that time was?  Don’t compare your Chapter 1 with my Chapter 20 is what Gerry said and that has stayed with me ever since.

Stop worrying about how many likes or followers you might get and just keep doing what you’re doing, keep working towards YOUR goal.  I think that goes for life in general as well, if you keep doing your best on that day, and keep doing it every day the results will come.  Stop looking too far ahead and work towards YOUR goal.

A bit of inspiration for your week…  🙂


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