Rainforests of Borneo - Wild Eye - Photo Safari

A Sunrise and a Canopy Walk in Borneo

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Last night I was sitting at home and, while having a cup of coffee, opened my Lightroom catalog with the intent of getting some long overdue cataloging and processing done.  Hwange, Mana Pools, Mara, Sabi Sand, Borneo, Svalbard – those are some of the directories that I still have to get stuck into.  Yes, I am way behind with my own images!

Having been in Svalbard for two weeks and only seeing tones of blue and white I opened Lightroom and the green struck me!  Mara, Sabi and Borneo – all so green, lush and beautiful.  So different to the world I just returned from.

I ended up scrolling through my Borneo RAW files and while scrolling  through the images found myself remembering two particular mornings on the trip.  The first was an incredible sunrise over the rainforest and the second a canopy walk high above the ground in the Danum Valley.  Both equally spectacular and photographic highlights of the expedition.

Rainforests of Borneo - Wild Eye - Photo Safari

Sunrise over the Danum Valley

Rainforests of Borneo - Wild Eye - Photo Safari

Canopy walk in Danum

In this post I shared some thoughts from my Borneo trip and I mention these two mornings  so you can check that out but I finally found some time on one of my many plane rides to get some of the GoPro videos I shot in Borneo edited and I have just loaded two new vlogs which will give you a better idea of what the Danum sunrise and canopy walk really is like.

You can check out the two new videos below or on the Wild Eye YouTube channel.

A sunrise in Danum

A canopy walk in Danum

Now take those experiences, add game drives, walks through stunning rainforests, boat rides and incredible nature photography and you have the makings of an incredible photographic adventure.  Can’t wait to get back to Borneo next year.  Details for next year have been confirmed and if you’re keen to join me you can find the details here.

For now I’m going to get some office work done and get ready for my next safari to Uganda where I will be hosting two back to back Gorilla safaris.

Here we… go!

Until next time.


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