Tale of a Topi

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Today marks the end of the third full day on our Extended Great Migration Safari and we couldn’t have asked for more. I’m not going to give away all of the details but thought I would share a quick post from the banks of the Masai Mara.

Topi are one of the most beautiful antelope in the Mara but they are notoriously difficult to photograph. Their eyes are covered by incredibly long eyelashes and are hidden in deep, dark sockets, making it very difficult to get anything that even resembles a catchlight on them.

So, how do you photograph a Topi then?

I found this scene worked pretty well for me…

Topi Tale Wild Eye Masai Mara Andrew Beck

Why? Well here’s what I see in this image.

  • The Animal: a crisp, easily identifiable silhouette of a Topi
  • Animal Behaviour: Topi are known for climbing on top of termite mounds like this
  • Animal & Environment: Big african skies dominate this scene

So it may not be a stunning portrait of a Topi but it still tells a tale. Perhaps a far greater tale than a pure portrait?

Anyway, time for me to grab a drink and usher in the African evening around the campfire. We have a great group of guests and still have another week on safari!

Andrew Beck

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