Alistair Smith

Andrew Beck

Learnt so much!
I had a wonderful experience on the weekend wildlife photography course. The weekend flew buy, and as always, you're left feeling as if it was all too short. The dynamics of the guests was well balanced, and their interest and level of competence with photography varied as well. This made for a wonderful all-round experience. The breakaway sessions were focused and well structured. The fee for the course was reasonable given the wonderful accommodation, fantastic food and great photographic tutoring. I cannot think of anything that would fault an otherwise great weekend away. If anything, although I am aware that the emphasis of this course is on learning the basics, it can be said that the photographic opportunities could have been better. Perhaps I am biased towards expecting great sightings having trained as a guide in the sands, but I never truly felt like we could spend any great deal of time in the sightings. We would arrive, take shots, and before we knew it, we're making way for the next vehicle to arrive. So if I could fault one element of the course, it was the quality of sightings, and time spent in sightings to maximize photographic opportunities. Otherwise the course was fantastic and I will (in fact I already have) recommended it to other interested individuals. Thank you