The Best Wildlife Photography Book – A Second Chance

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You will recall that a week or so ago I did a review of a wildlife photography book that completely blew me away.



The word on this fantastic book by Uwe Skrzypczak must have spread quite a bit as when he offered it as a free PDF download last Sunday the demand was so big that more than 150,000 people hit the website and subsequently crashed the server!  I suppose in a way it’s a nice problem to have. 😉


I have just heard from Uwe and if you have were not able to get your copy last week you will have another chance to download a copy this coming Sunday, 18 December 2011.


If you are still keen to get a PDF copy of this wonderful book check and save this link where you will be able to download a copy this Sunday. 


Should you not have any luck this coming Sunday please drop me a mail and I will make a plan to get a copy of the book to you!


If you did not check out my review of the book make sure to check out this post.  it really is a phenomenal book!


Good luck with downloads and enjoy!

Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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