The Best Wildlife Photography Book – And You Can Get a Free Copy!

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Once in a while you pick up a book that just blows your mind!


It does not happen all that often and it’s been a while since I read a wildlife photography book that left me excited, amazed and completely blow away.  When Uwe Skrzypczak (pronounced Scripcheck) sent me a digital copy of his book to showcase on this blog I was not quite prepared for what I was about to experience.


Believe me when I say that this book is nothing short of spectacular!!




There are many books out there that attempt to ‘teach’ you how to take wildlife images.  


There are some amazing coffee table books with great images of African wildlife images. 


This book not only combines both of the above but will easily stand it’s ground in either category.  The images are stunning, both from a technical and artistic point of view, and the writing is easy to follow yet profound and to the point.  


Uwe has, in my opinion, managed to put together the perfect wildlife photography book.  It is thorough and he has covered, in detail, every thing you could ever want to know about photographing wildlife and in particular the wildlife of East Africa.  




If you think the amount of topics covered in this book is amazing you should see the detail in which each section is covered.



Whether you are an experienced shooter or are just looking at getting into wildlife photography I am convinced that you will be able to not only learn something from this book but also be inspired by the quality and beauty of the images.



Not only are the images first class but the detail with which Uwe shares his knowledge and experience will give you insight into how a pro approaches the craft of wildlife photography.  The detail he has gone into is truly phenomenal.




Even in the sections that deal with artistic elements such as compositions, Uwe has included the necessary info for you to be able to learn.




I guess you get the point.  From a wildlife photography point of view this book is as good as it gets.  It’s the book I wish I wrote.


Now with Christmas approaching I have no doubt that any wildlife photographer or person who loves the outdoors would love to get a copy of this book – I know I would so if any of you would like to send me a copy I will send you my postal address!


However, you don’t have to wait that long.


On Sunday 11 December 2011 you will have the opportunity to download a free copy of this amazing book!  Yeah, absolutely free!  On Sunday, head over to this link where you will be able to download your free copy.


Trust me, you WANT to download a copy of this book and I am sure that once you have seen it you will want to order a hard copy as well.  I know I want to!


I would like to send a huge shout out to Uwe for sending me a copy of the book to read through and asking me to showcase it on the blog.  Uwe, your work is amazing and the book you have created is truly world class.  You are an inspiration!


So, make sure to set reminders on your phone, your iPad and leave yoru self written notes everywhere!  This coming Sunday you can get your free copy!


After reading this book I am even more excited, if that’s even possible, to get to Tanzania in February for our next photographci expedition.  If you have any urges to travel to East Africa once you’ve read Uwe’s book you know who to call! 😉


I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one so once you have your copy pop in and leave a comment.


Enjoy!!  I surely did, and will for a while!


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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