The Brand Debate. Really?

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The Nikon versus Canon debate is never going to go away.


From a consumer point of view it makes complete sense though.  You researched what camera you need to buy by engaging with ‘experts’ in online forums and then finally you make the big decision.  You go out and spend your hard earned money on a specific brand of camera.  It is now yours – you made the choice, you spent the money, you now own… a brand!

It’s called post purchase rationalisation.

You have made an expensive purchase and now you need to convince yourself, and your peers, that you made the correct choice.  You will then, in a self fulfilling prophecy kind of way, keep on looking for and seeing things that validate your decision.  Your purchase.  Your brand.  As they say, tell me what you want me to prove and I will find the stats to prove it.

The whole thing is just so boring and tired but… it’s gonna keep going.  The Nikon fanboys and Canon disciples will keep on trying to prove to themselves and everyone else that they made the right choice.  That they have the best camera brand.

Seriously, ask yourself…

  1. When looking at iconic wildlife images, such as some of the BBC winners, do you really – really – only think about what camera the photographer used?
  2. When seeing an amazing wildlife image should the first question you ask not revolve around the photographer’s vision, or at least the reason they chose a certain setting, rather than what camera they used?
  3. Is a great wildlife image not very much reliant on being at the right place at the right time rather than what camera you were using?
  4. When looking at a wildlife image can you really – really – tell which camera was used to create it?  Really?
  5. If creativity came in a box, like the ones new camera comes in, would more photographers pay attention to it?
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So instead of wasting time and energy by looking for reasons to validate whatever brand of camera you are using, why not just pick up that camera, get out there and create some images!  It’s way more fun and productive than trying to argue a futile point.

I have to include at least one image per post so here goes.

Wild Eye - Gerry van der Walt

So, what camera do you think I used for this image?

If that was the first thing you thought when you saw the image then scroll back to the top of the post and read it again!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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  1. Simon

    Wise words, Gerry….and so true. There are those that take the brand debate seriously, but I honestly believe that the majority just join in with the banter…much the same as the Land Rover vs Land Cruiser crews. (I’m often amazed that an image I like turns out to have been taken on a phone!)

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Simon. Agreed, lots of banter – and it van be fun – but there are just too many pople who get so caught up that they forget that is actually all about the photography rather than the gear. 🙂

      And it’s Land Cruiser all the way isn’t it? 😉

  2. Drew Cairncross

    Gerry, I agree, the brand debate is worn to threads, yet it will never go away. I chose a brand way back in the entry level market, not even Prosumer market, and stuck with it. I am not at a level, where I can truly state that one is better than the other. It is like being asked, would you take McLaren or Ferrari, and being hell bent that Ferrari is better, but Joe Soap down the road, knows how to drive properly, and will lap you in a Jaguar. This is something I am constantly aware of. I know probably 1% of what camera engineers do.

    If I have the best gear, good gear, or complete crap, my photographic results are due to my ability far more than the gear I shoot with. I suppose this correlates to Morkel’s answer to what bugs him in photography, and that being people not prepared to take constructive criticism. I personally think I have taken one or two decent images, but will NEVER confess to being a capable photographer, yet I have seen a lot of people take offense to sound advice from those who can.

    When I feel comfortable enough with a knowledge of how EXACTLY cameras work, (which will be never) I may enter into to the brand debate, but right now, I would rather spend my time being inspired by results from competent photographers, regardless of what brand they use.

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