The Chobe River in Monochrome

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Since our return from the Chobe river in January, my fellow Wild Eye Ambassadors have written some interesting musings and summaries of the trip and what makes it worth it. You can read them here:

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I will do my best not to rehash what they have said…which is hard because I’m not a man of few words!

I love writing and I love speaking and I love writing and speaking about things that I’m passionate about…

For this post, though, I decided to let the images do the talking. I will merely be sharing some of my favourite monochrome images from our recent trip to the Chobe. I love working in the medium of black-and-white and it’s something that requires you to think a bit more about your images and the vision/story you are trying to convey in them.

The Chobe riverfront is a land of big skies, big mammals and big flocks of birds…and it’s also a land of big splendour and natural beauty in every aspect.

I hope you enjoy these.

Be sure to check out the Wild Eye Chobe Photographic Safari departures. If you are keen to join me in the Chobe, I will be hosting a trip from 25-29 April 2013.

Here is a collection of images (and there are many more unprocessed ones in my archives from our recent trip) that I was able to capture in just 3 days on the river.

I already shared an image of giraffes under a big sky in THIS post, so I won’t include that photo in this collection…










I hope you’ve enjoyed this visual journey. I hope you get a chance to experience this wonderful part of Africa for yourself one day.

If you want to know how, drop us a line!

Until next time…

Morkel Erasmus


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  1. Kanjani

    Absolutely love that young Baboon tight-roping on air. Great shot which really “expresses” young Baboon’s. Love the simplicity of the monochrome.

  2. yvonne zimmermann

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful photos. My favorites is the landscape no2. Never though it could be that great in b&w. You inspired me to try it too. Naturally my
    other favorites are the playing monkeys and
    the bathing bird (we
    call it regenpfeifer and
    you?). In b&w you can
    concentrate on the moves and the structure of water. Lovely.

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