The Great Migration Part 2: Week 1: 10th to 16th August 2013

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As our first week has come to an end, I am even more convinced that our product and experience is truly superb and arguably the best in the region.

Ok, you may think that this comment is extremely biased and possibly bordering on arrogance. After all, it is our offering, so how can we make such a bold statement?

Well let me share an experience that occurred around the campfire the other evening that I think verifies my comment.

One of our guests, who also travelled with us during last year’s migration, unexpectedly stood up and asked if he could say a few words. He directed his words to me and promptly thanked me for  “inviting” him and his son to share this unbelievable experience.

I was somewhat taken aback – not for him endorsing this magical place – but for a guest that has paid full fare and he is thanking me for “inviting” him.

In my mind, this was the ultimate compliment.

Later during the evening, I went up to the kitchen and a couple of the senior rangers and wardens and come over to join us for our last night celebrations. Whilst chatting, they mentioned that Wild Eye was the best camp they had ever seen in the region. They also paid tribute to the excellent manner in which we had conducted ourselves during this year and previous years and looked forward to the future.

Clearly we are doing something right!

On a side note – there have been some massive thundershowers over the Mara during the previous 4 evenings. It is amazing to see how quickly the green shoots of grass appear immediately.

A few days ago, we drove down to the Tanzania border and the wildebeest are heading back to the Masai Mara in their hundreds of thousands. There was a black mass of these animals that stretched as far as the eye could see. If nature follows its course, the next few months are going to be spectacular.

A total of seven exciting river crossings:

The aftermath and drama of a crossing:

One of our guests capturing the migration from our camp at Kiboko: 

Unique sighting of a lioness in a tree with a male underneath:

We will keep you updated with more news from the Mara with feedback and images from the Wild Eye guides and our guests!

Cheers for now,

Jono Buffey 



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