The Tuli Experience

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Clearing up files on my laptop the other day, I happened to spot my folder containing my Tuli photos from when I attended the workshop in December 2012.

Deciding  to have a quick glance through the photos, this ended up being a processes that took longer than a glance, and became one inundated with great memories.

I was obviously immediately aware of which images were better in comparison to the rest, but what was more overpowering and fantastic were the memories that the images evoked.

I remember where I took each image, who I was standing with or sitting next to, I remember a couple of us lying flat on the dry lake bed trying to get panning shots of a velvet mite but failing miserably as we were laughing at each other too much.

I think that by the end of my session of looking through my images, my face was sore from having a smile stuck on it from the first photograph to the last.  My Tuli experience was one that will not be forgotten. Not only was it one of my first proper photographic trips out focusing on specific images, I was also surrounded by such great people and encounters with them in a beautiful and special place.

Although these images are the ones that I classify as some of my ‘best’ from the workshop, I recognise that they are not the best that I have taken before. The great thing about these images and why I classify them as my best is probably because of the memories of the experiences that led up to me capturing these images.  I can also see how I have progressed from this stage to the one I am at now, and that is a great gift to have indeed.

Look back at images that you have taken on previous trips. The memories that are revived can never have a price on them, and even if the image might not be a ‘good’ one, the memories that are entwined around them are what is important to make that image great for you. Which of your images jump out at you? What memories do they evoke?

We take photographs because its an activity that we love doing and capturing what we love seeing. Enjoy each image you have, no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ they are. The Tuli Workshop was a special one indeed, filled with great photographic opportunities, wonderful people, and fantastic experiences. My nature photographic knowledge that I have now can be largely credited to my Tuli experience.

Be a part of the Tuli experience and create not just a great nature portfolio, but memories that will make you smile through every image you look upon.

Penny Robartes


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