Penny Robartes - Madikwe

Three reasons why you should join the Madikwe Bootcamp

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Come with me on a journey only a mere 4 hours out of Johannesburg against the Botswana border where one of South Africa’s prime safari destinations lies.

Let me welcome you to Madikwe Game Reserve.

This Reserve is really quite a gem as not only does it boast incredible diversity of species from the lowveld and Kalahari ecosystems, it is a wild and vast destination with backdrops that will characterise it as its own.

Penny Robartes - Madikwe

Penny Robartes - Madikwe

Now that I have given you a sense of the scene, let me get right into it.

In the last while I have been posting images from Madikwe and singing it’s praises.

But there is a good reason why.

Madikwe Game Reserve was the setting for the first ever Wild Eye Bootcamp and the animals the stars. Looking to grow in your photography whether it is challenging yourself to shoot scenes that you don’t normally consider or haven’t thought of, try new techniques or master them, understand how to shoot under different lighting situations… well, the combination of place and workshop enables this to happen. Hands down.

The Bootcamp is designed to test you and push you in your creative thinking, your outlook on photography, your technical knowledge, and dip into animal behaviour and understanding during this dedicated outcome-based workshop. The shot list is designed in order for you to produce a portfolio that encompasses your experience of Madikwe from close-up to far, from frozen to blurred, from dawn to darkness, and so much more.

Penny Robartes - Madikwe

The best thing about that?

Well, its knowledge that you can apply and capture on all your future safaris.

As with all our courses, workshops and safaris, our aim is to inspire and open you up to new ways of looking, capturing and experiencing.

By being able to shoot throughout the day as we are based at a private lodge, the photographic possibilities are as vast as you allow them to be. I will just encourage and inspire you to make them even more vast though my knowledge and understanding of the bush and photography.

As part of your growth and knowledge, completing your photographs circle is as important as composing, choosing your settings and releasing your shutter. Our daily Lightroom sessions will cover it all; importing, cataloguing, looking at the different editing tools and all the way to exporting your final product.

Penny Robartes - Madikwe

Penny Robartes - Madikwe

Three reasons why you should join me on the Madikwe Wildlife Photography Bootcamp:

  • Open up your portfolio of wildlife images and be inspired
  • Do it for YOU
  • Why would you not?

Come join me on the Bootcamp and let’s take your images and knowledge to the next level!

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