Tigers & Sacred Leopards of India

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Few creatures in nature inspire the way that Tigers & Leopards do. These two big cats have been intwined with human culture since the dawn of time. Many things have changed over the centuries, but our fascination with these two most striking of animals have remained the same!

Wild Eye is proud to present to you an incredible safari experience to India where the focus will be the Tigers of Ranthambore & the Sacred Leopards of Jawai.

We will be hosted at both locations by Sujan Luxury Safari Camps, accredited by Relaix & Chateaux and known the world over for the best safari experience in India.
On every single Wild Eye Safari we strive to ensure only the best experience for our guests.

This safari takes the accommodation to an even higher level.

There’s budget safaris to India, and then there’s the Wild Eye Experience!

We will spend 4 nights in Ranthambore searching for tigers within their stunning natural habitat. The rich history of the region adds to the magical feeling of searching for these elusive cats.
“Our family has played an active part in the conservation effort at Ranthambhore since 1974 and continues to do so more than 40 years on. We have witnessed regeneration; a life cycle of the wild in motion, evolving with the changing narrative of this magical land”, says the owners of Sujan Sher Bagh.

Sher Bagh is a pioneering tented camp of 12 luxurious tents. Inspired by the safari encampments of the 1920s, preferred by Princes and Grand Seigneurs of the time, each tent is furnished with 19th century ‘Campaign Style’ furniture and has all the comforts you could wish for on safari. Sher Bagh was among India’s first luxury tented camps. It promotes sustainable tourism, is ecologically friendly, provides high levels of service and a faultless Ranthambhore experience.

We will have two dedicated safari vehicles for each safari outing, ensuring you have ample space for your camera equipment, and that you’ll be able to enjoy the safari encounter in absolute comfort. Consider there’s only 4 guests as a maximum per safari.
There will be two safari drives daily as we search for tigers & much more wildlife found at Rhamtambore!

After our tiger experience in Ranthambore, we will enjoy 2 nights at the Sujan Rajmahal Palace in “the pink city” of Jaipur. It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of India – both the modern aspects & of an era gone by.

“Home to the Maharaja of Jaipur, this exquisite royal palace is located at the heart of Rajasthan’s bustling capital. An enclosed oasis, secluded in verdant gardens, Rajmahal Palace is the repository of a celebrated history. Tall bay windows, mirrored doors and meticulously appointed interiors allow guests to be transported to a new era of 21st century regal living. Conceived by H.H Sawai Jai Singh II as a private palace, a garden retreat, built for his beloved wife, Chandra Kanwar Ranawat ji, the daughter of the Maharana of Mewar, Rajmahal Palace has stood witness to over two hundred and fifty years of history.”

Rajmahal Palace is perfectly located to discover the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur. Explore the historic forts and palaces or be guided through the bustling local markets in search of traditional and fine craft. Culinary tours, historical sites and photographic walks are just some of the memorable experiences that await you.

After our cultural visit to Jaipur, we will leave for a very special region of India few have ever heard of.

The leopards of Jawai await you.

Jawai is where the hills throw the moon out and just as soon absorb its glow onto their gorges; where nomadic Rabari herdsmen are as much a part of the earth’s tales as the mysterious felines that grace these hills and vanish at will into their folds; where pastoral fields meet and merge with wild grasslands and the swells of the JAWAI Bandh’s waters lap at the toes of mighty granite forms; where flamingos flock and cranes in their hundreds dance to springtime sounds.

The leopards of the land can be seen within the most incredible landscapes; granite boulders that tower above the farmlands surrounding them. The boulders hold one of the densest leopard populations in India as well as a photographic experience that will leave you speechless.

That’s not all…

“Designed by the owners, Anjali and Jaisal Singh, JAWAI represents a style that combines subtle opulence with abundant adventure. Staying true to our goals for conservation without compromising comfort, the camp has ‘9 luxurious tents’, each with oodles of space and privacy that rest encapsulated in a landscape of towering granite formations, caves, kopjes, Anogeissus scrub and winding sand riverbeds. The vibrant Rabari herdsmen who have shared this land with wildlife for centuries endorse the organic and continuing link between local culture and wildlife.”

This Tigers & Leopards Safari is truly unique in so many ways! It captures not only the essence of India’s two big cats, but also the heart of India’s rich history; moments from an era gone by.

It is as much an opportunity to photograph tigers & leopards as what it is to gain a unique & intimate insight into what makes India such a special country.

If you have any questions please send them through.

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Passion, enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst to explore and introduce you to our natural world’s wildlife perfectly sums up my ambitions. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Through my African adventures I kept my photographic passion alive. Behind a camera aimed at a lion or a leopard is where I am most at home, my heart skipping a beat at the mere thought of it. My intention has never been solely for recognition but for the plight of what’s left of our natural recourses. Using my love and understanding of wildlife I am able to convey to the viewer more than an image or a fleeting moment. I aim to tell a story, to bring that moment alive to you and to capture your heart through it.

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  1. Callum Evans

    The tiger is at the top of my list of animals I need to see in my lifetime,, and I would also love to have the chance of one day seeing an Indian leopard! Have you also considered doing safari’s to Kaziranga and Nagarhole/Bandipur?

    1. Post
      Marlon duToit

      Hi Callum! Yeah, little can compare to photographing such predators in the wild! Currently we have not considered those destinations, but will be sure to give them a closer look, thank you!

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