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Elephants provide some of the best photographic moments out in the field, don’t they?

Their social structure, their gentle spirits, their personalities and their attitudes all provide plenty of moments for us to point our lenses at.

The benefit of finding elephants on the plains of the Mara is that there’s no clutter to work around in your images (compared to, say, elephant photography in the South African bushveld). They are also way taller than even the tallest strand of red oat grass so not even the long grass can impede on your images. This moment is from the Great Migration photo safari I hosted last year. It was our last morning of the safari, and we were enjoying the company of a breeding herd on the way down to the Kiboko region. A mother and calf posed momentarily in the perfect spot for a single Balanites tree to create a compositional triangle with them.

I pointed it out to my guests, and we snapped away for the few seconds they stood like this.

As photographic guides, our job is not just to help you be prepared for interesting moments of animal behaviour by “reading” the sighting and predicting what the animals will do next, it is also to guide you to “change the way you see the world” as it were, to help you think about finer compositional matters and recognising unique moments, arrangements or patterns in the landscape/scene that you can use to your advantage.


Nikon D3s | Nikkor 80-400mm VR | 110mm | f7.1 | 1/800 SS | ISO-320

I was using the old Nikon 80-400mm lens here – and though it’s slow there’s not much wrong with general sharpness if properly handled. It was actually rented by one of my guests, but couldn’t autofocus with her camera body. I then “swopped” her for my own 70-200mm f2.8, which she used for the duration of the safari, as her lens could autofocus on my camera bodies.

That’s just how we roll at Wild Eye – the experience and images our guests walk away with are the top priority for us!

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  1. Ans Watkins

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I am an elderly person and enjoy nature photos so much. At least can I see lots of animals, birds, fish ect. Thanks a lot. Blessings.

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