Trip Report: Best of Botswana, the Savute and Chobe Regions

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This is part II of the Best of Botswana Triop Report, follow the link below to see images from the Xakanaxa and Khwai Regions.


The final leg of the Best f Botswana Safari saw us leaving the Khwai and heading North east to the arid Savute Region. Savute, a remote and wild corner of Chobe National Park, stretches from the Chiobe National park’s northern boundaries to the Linyanti River. The area’s main feature is the mysterious Savute Channel, which flows and dries up seemingly unrelated to the rainfall. Dry and arid for almost 30 years, animals in the area were sustained by artificial waterholes which at this time of year guarantee a continuous flow of wildlife needing to quench their thirst.

After arriving at camp we se out to the nearby Pump Pan and were treated to some incredible photographic opportunities as a large herd of elephants drank and played in the waterhole.

Dry conditions, fine dust, backlight and a herd of elephants. It was magic!

With news that the resident pride of lions had tiny cubs we wasted no time in heading out to the dry Savute Marsh to see if we could catch up with them, stopping briefly to photograph a family of squirrels soaking up the first rays of light.

A group of vehicles sitting right out in the open plains gave away the location where the pride had successfully pulled down a wildebeest during the evening. With no shade around and the sun creeping higher and higher in the sky the pride made use of the shadows cast by the vehicles. Good for staying cool but tricky for photography.

Whilst photographic opportunities may have been challenging it was an absolute privilege spending time with these young lions of the Savute. These werent the only lions we saw during our stay in the region and we were fortunate enough to catch up with a very impressive male lion one morning too.

One of the highlights of Savute had to be the diversity of birdlife. Anchored by the waterholes it was great to sit and photograph them as they went about their daily rituals. From Guinefowl to Kori Bustard and Tawny Eagle, there was always some sort of birdlife present.

From Savute we once again continued East, mainly through protected areas, to Kasane. here we exited Botswana, checked in to Namibia and then made our way by tender boat to our floating home for the next 3 nights.

After 11 nights of mobile safari, 3 night on board a luxury houseboat was the perfect way to bring an incredible safari to an end.

Chobe is known for both its concentration elephant and birdlife and we made the most of any and all photographic opportunities during the 4 nights here.

Swapping the usual game drive vehicle for a dedicated photographic boat made for incredible low angle photography.

Being able to approach subjects at close proximixity allowed us to experiment with some more abstract compositions as well.

And so, after 14 nights, our incredible journey through the best wildlife regions on offer in Botswana came to and end.

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