Trip Report – Great Migration Final week of 2016

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It was with great excitement and a bit of nerves (hoping that we will still catch “some” Wildebeest crossing) that we set off to enjoy our final Great Migration week of 2016.  After what has been an amazing year, with  incredible sightings, we wondered if it can get any better.  Can we really top it off?  Can the game viewing continue to blow us all away?



As we approached  Serena airstrip, we could see a herd of  Wildebeest building up at one of the crossing points…  Please just stay there, please just wait for us, I can remember thinking to myself.  A crossing on the first day will be perfect!



To everyone’s delight, the herd of Wildebeest did wait, and we had our first crossing, shortly after landing in the Mara.  With the excitement there for everyone to see, and with everyone being on a high, it was time to head to our camp, this week at the Kiboko camp site.


Being my first year at the Wild-Eye Camp, it was so nice to see all the Guides as well as Dixon and his unbelievable team again!  Hugs went around and we greeted each other like we’ve been friends for years.  What a great bunch of guys!  I think everyone that joined us this year will agree the team there really do go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and to try and satisfy everyone’s needs.




That night, as I lay in bed, I thought…  How amazing is this place?  The sound of the river flowing…  Lions roaring in the distance…  How privileged are we?  To be in this unspoilt bit of paradise…  Then I wondered again, Can the game viewing keep on producing?  There were new expectations, a new group of guests that wanted to experience what the fuss of the Mara was all about.  Surely, at least one of the days will be a cracker I thought…  Surely there will be that one unbelievable sighting…




As I turned out, we had way more than just one unbelievable sighting!  In our week we witnessed 4 kills.  Lions taking down Buffalo, Spotted Hyaena taking down Wildebeest, Lions taking down Impala, A Male Cheetah taking down an Oribi…  IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!  Those are kills we actually saw happening!! There were a number of occasions where we saw Lions feeding as well.  Add to that a few Croc kills, and this experience is enough to blow the most experienced Safari traveller away.




The days, as always are action packed, with little time spent wondering around camp.  On a few occasions we literally stopped at camp just to grab a bite, download the memory cards, and it was back out again, maximising time out in the bush and photographic opportunities.

We were lucky  to see a couple more crossings that were action packed, chaotic, noisy, everything you’d expect a crossing to be.



A few tears were shed when it was time to go, saying goodbye to the staff and guides that made the experience so memorable.

A special place this is, The Masai Mara; with incredible wildlife, vast open plains, amazing people…

Asante Sana Kenya, can’t wait to return next year!


I hope you will join us in 2017 for what is the Greatest Wildlife spectacle on the planet!


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