Trip report: Macro and Nature Photography Excursion

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On 16 Aug I hosted a Wild Eye excursion to Mountain Sanctuary Nature Reserve (less than two hours away from Johannesburg) where the focus was on macro photography in nature. This beautiful 1000 hectare reserve is renowned for it’s breathtaking views, rock pools, hiking trails and diverse plant and insect life.


My guests and I met up for a quick chat at 9am and off we went, starting on the first of the two short hikes to a quiet stream 25 minutes from camp. Along the way we encountered many interesting aloe plants and newly blossomed flowers which served as perfect subjects to apply some fresh tips and techniques we had been discussing on route.

Cooler temperatures and some light cloud cover allowed us to explore the waterways and rock faces without the risk of over heating and nasty sunburn.

Being able to use a variety of Sigma’s macro lenses throughout the day was definitely a major highlight and added immensely to the overall experience. Using different focal lengths of 50mm, 70mm, 105mm even a 150mm, all required a different approach to the same subject. Thanks again to the guys at Sigma South Africa for allowing us to use them for the weekend!


Overall, Wild Eye‘s first macro and nature excursion to Mountain Sanctuary was a huge success which included a superb lunch at the local restaurant. I will be hosting my next excursion in Spring time, a macro enthusiast’s dream!

Details for the next couple of trips can be found here

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Looking forward to seeing you there!


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