Trip Report: Wildlife Photography Course 10-12 November 2017

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Have you just bought a Camera and found yourself spending endless hours on the internet and reading through Manual to figure out how best to use your camera to its optimum?  Well good news is, you’re not along on this one.  There are so many technical terms that get thrown around that it is very easy to get lost in it all…

Recently during our Wildlife Photography Course I met up with a few guests who, like a lot of people out there have their own struggles when it comes to Photography.  For some it is getting to terms with the technical elements such as Shutter Speeds, Apertures and ISO’s.  For others, the creative side is more challenging.  The placement of your subject in the frame, composition and understanding how the feel of your images can be affected by where your subject is placed.

As with all of our courses, the practical exercises are vital.  Everything that is covered during the presentations are then practised with camera in hand.  Without the pressure of Photographing an action packed scene, all the guests got a better understanding of the different affects shutter speed and Aperture gives to an image.

With all of the practical exercises covered, we departed on Safari to put everything into practice.

There are many challenges when it comes to photographing wildlife.  Firstly to find a subject, then to have good light to work with, and then hoping that the subject is doing something in an area open enough to see it.  During the two days we had some incredible sightings, giving us more than enough opportunities to work on various skills.  One of the highlights was a sighting of three Male Lions and a couple of Females during a late afternoon Game drive.

One of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do is seeing how our guests enjoy their Photography once they understand the different elements better and the sense of achievement when they create beautiful images.

Well done to Matthew, Carissa and Conal for the wonderful images you created, thank you for an enjoyable weekend.


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The opportunity of visiting some of the wildest, undisturbed areas and sharing my passion for wildlife, conservation and photography with like minded people is a privilege that I am forever grateful.

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