Trip Report: Wildlife Photography Course March 2015

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I really enjoy heading back down to Nambiti for our Wildlife Photography course. It gives me a chance to step back from behind the camera and really focus on teaching and assisting my guests with a variety of technical and practical aspects of Wildlife Photography.

Arriving at the lodge midmorning and running through our first theory session it was clear that not only was this group all on the same level, but that they were a little more advanced than usual. The small group size and flexibility of the course meant that I was able to adjust accordingly and we ended up whizzing through the usual content and then supplementing this with an introduction into Lightroom session on the Saturday morning.

Whilst the thoeretical sessions are great, the practical aspect of this course is where it all comes together out in the field. Nambiti is a great little reserve and over the last couple of years has not failed to deliver decent photographic opportunities for our guests to really practice and get to grips with the various settings.

Our first afternoon was no different and, after chatting to our guide, we decided to head out to a specific region in search of one of the Black Rhino bulls which hangs out in the area. After photogrpahing zebra, blue cranes, impala, giraffe and one or two landscape images, we cam across this beautiful creature.

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-2

We could not have asked for better light and spent a good 45 minutes with this bull as he repeatedly approached the vehicle out of curiosity. That was all we needed for our first afternoon and decided to stop ontop of a nearby hill to watch the sun sink below the horizon.

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-5

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-3

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-4

Our morning drive saw us head to the north of the reserve with the aim of stopping along the Sundays River for coffee. En-route we got waylaid by two elephant bulls and a small bachelor herd of Kudu that weere feeding on the acacia trees along a small ridge.

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-6

As we watched the elephants feed one of them suddenly sat back and stretched up, reaching for the fresh green leaves on one of the higher branches.

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-7

I have to admit, part of me was wondering if we were going to get a “Mana Pools” style shot of an elephant feeding on its hind legs. Alas, that was not on the cards but this chap provided an incredible photographic opportunity. Throughout the weekend we had great sightings of a variety of general game which gave the guests ample opportunity to play around with various compositions, AF modes and their recently setup back button focus.

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015-8

Nambiti Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Course March 2015

All in all it was a great weekend of photography with a group of like-minded guests who not only enjoy capturing images, but have a deep appreciation for the bush and all of its little gems.

Wildlife Photography Course March 2015

Here’s what the guests had to say about the weekend:

This was a great stepping stone for me to entrench the basics and evolve onwards. It represents great value, adaptation and perfection which no book can teach. The group size allows for relevant individual attention, whilst allowing an opportunity to learn together with like-minded guests.Muazzam Rahim

I loved the Wildlife Photography Course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get to grips with photography. The theory sessions give the knowledge needed and the drives give you a chance to put that into practice. It is priceless having the expertise of a professional photographer on-hand.Leigh Eggers

I have learned so much and although I knew some of the technical stuff, the affirmation from Andrew that I was on the right track gave me so much more confidence. Time well spent with fellow photographers on the same level.Helena du Plessis

I would recommend anyone interested in taking their wildlife and nature photography to another level to contact Wild Eye. I found all members of the team friendly, professional and ready to assist clients at any level.Graham Button

Your lectures and especially your practical advice helped a lot. The back button focusing will help for many years to come. Your comments as we approached a potential shot,what is the story you want to tell, ISO, shutter speed, distractions in background,aperture,etc will hopefully prevent us from using our fancy cameras as an expensive mik en druk!Thoma Bingle

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