Trip Report: Wildlife Photography Course March 2016

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This weekend saw the first of the year’s Wildlife Photography Courses take place at our new venue in Nambiti Private Game Reserve, Cheetah Ridge Lodge.

Over the two nights and 3 days that we spend at Nambiti we present 5 theory sessions aimed at establishing a solid technical foundation as well as 4 practical sessions (game Drives) where our groups get to put their new found skills into practice.

The four theory sessions cover:

  • The Basics of Digital Photography
  • Fine Tuning your camera for Wildlife Photography
  • Wildlife Photography Scenarios
  • Digital Asset Management and Lightroom Workflow: An Introduction
  • What Makes a good Wildlife Image?

The practical sessions are obviously aimed at getting guests exposed to as many different types of wildlife photography scenarios where guests are able to ask specific questions around the various sightings that we enjoy whilst on drive. Here are some of my images from the broad wildlife photography scenarios we focus on:

Natural Framing

Natural Framing

Animals in their Environment

Animals in their Environment

Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits

Low Light Photography | Shooting with a Spotlight

Low Light Photography | Shooting with a Spotlight

Low Light Photography

Low Light Photography

I always stress the importance of understanding and anticipating animal behaviour and this dazzle of zebra provided the perfect illustration of how general game react the presence of a predator (in this instance a pair of spotted hyena) and can often provide better photographic opportunities than the predators themselves!


One of the highlights was on the first night where, after a fantastic game drive, we arrived at an incredible bush dinner that had been set up just for our group. Once we had finished dinner we grabbed our tripods and setup for an astro-photography session which, despite a bit of cloud cover, proved to be very productive!

Nambiti Bush Dinner

Another highlight was seeing a female lion and her two young male cubs on two separate occasions. Young cubs are always full of energy and these two little guys gave us some great photographic opportunities over the weekend.




After recent rains the Nambiti Private Reserve was covered in a thick blanket of green grass which, coupled with the rich morning light, combined to make for some interesting images of general game.



Next Course takes place 13 to 15 May

If you'd like to join us for our next wildlife photography course and take your photography to the next level, get in touch and we will send you all the details around our upcoming course dates.

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  1. Val Sampson

    A great time we had still talking about it. Wish I could go again, but would prefer a different time of year as the long grass hid the male Lions and Buffalo.

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