Tsavo West: Camera Gear I Took and What I Would Take Again

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At the end of April I was photographing in Tsavo West with my jaw hanging open in awe and my eyes overwhelmed with what we saw.

The camera gear I took basically covered me for all magnifications; the beautiful Sigma (Nikon) 10-20mm, a 55-300mm, a 200-400mm, D7000 and D700.

All these lenses and camera body were constantly grasped in my hands, around my neck, lenses being changed from one to another.

It was pretty chaotic but terribly exciting.

As Kenya had been experiencing heavy rainfalls – more than usual – Tsavo was lush and green with life.

The lush landcape made wildlife viewing pretty tough, but the landscapes and birdlife completely made up for that fact.

If I could go back I would take all the same gear again, except the 200-400mm which I would swop for a 300mm with converters. I am pretty embarrassed to say this but I found the 200-400 pretty heavy, especially when holding it up and focusing it on a bird that has decided to take its sweet time to fly away.

This is an incredibly beautiful place with diverse landscapes and animal life.

Make sure your camera gear is as diverse in order to capture every element that captures you.

Penny Robartes

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