Tuli Nature Photography Workshop

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The Tuli Nature Photography Workshop will always be a special trip and destination for me. Not only because I met wonderful people on the trip and that it was my first excursion with Wild Eye, but because I was able to get out to a beautiful destination to focus on wildlife and nature photography and start building a portfolio.

In the last few days we have had much attention coming in from clients about the Tuli Nature Photography Workshop and so far all of them have booked a space on this workshop!

Nearly fully-booked, we have only one space available on this trip that only takes place in early December.

This workshop is the perfect place to work on your wildlife and nature photography as you are surrounded with like-minded people, have help from the facilitators, and work with specific goals in mind for your portfolio. And did I mention how beautiful this area is and the diverse wildlife and bird life it holds?

The Tuli Nature Photography Workshop will help you build a wildlife portfolio and understand wildlife in order to get great images of them.

With there only being 6 guests attending, this provides and ensures that all the guests will get private and personal tuition out in the field, where the facilitators will help you with your camera, with capturing  images, and showing you new and creative ways of capturing wildlife.

This is not just your normal safari where you are only photographing subjects from a vehicle as this package offers so much more!You can expect to learn how to take photos of the stars during the night of sleeping under them. This was a wonderful and humbling experience for me as I felt so in touch with nature as I was surrounded by the noises of the wild while taking photos of the stars. From game drives, to walks along the river, to walks to exquisite lookout points, a night sleeping out in the open under the African stars and more, how can you say no to this unbelievable package?

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