Two Extremes in Botswana

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I was out of the office last week as I headed up north to Botswana to check out a couple of exciting destinations that we will be looking at adding to our existing Botswana Photographic Safaris in the not too distant future.

Flying in to Maun and using this tourism hub as a base from which to explore two destinations; Nxai Pan and The Khwai Region of the Okavango Delta; I was pretty excited to see what these two vastly different destinations had to offer from an experience and photogrpahic perspective.

After a short 2.5 hour drive to the south-east of Maun I was surrounded by seemingly endless pans teaming with desert adapted species such as springbok and oryx. Game viewing here, given that Botswana has not had a lot of rain this season, concentrated around the main waterholes, drawing in herds of general game and a seemingly endless supply of elephant bulls who had made their way out of the Mopane woodlands to quench their thirst.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Botswana Photographic safari-2

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Botswana Photographic safari-3

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Botswana Photographic safari

From here it was back to Maun, and after a 30 minute flight to the north-east of Maun and I was on the banks of a lagoon which flows into the Khwai River.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Botswana Photographic safari-6

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Botswana Photographic safari-4

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Botswana Photographic safari-5

Game viewing was incredible in both of these destinations but I plan to share a bit more on each of these areas and the camps we are planning to make use of in the next couple of days, starting with Nxai Pan and then moving on to Khwai before wrapping up with a thrilling encounter between two of Africa’s oldest enemies.

Lion and Hyena.

I’m looking forward to being back in the office for a while now and getting back to sharing some more regular blog posts and technical tips!

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  1. Carol Bell

    Oh Andrew…… Love the photos. Nxai Pans is a special place where the wind talks to you. …. and it is so quiet. Would love to go there and would advise anyone to do a workshop with you there. Looking forward to seeing and reading more about where you have been.

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