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Last week I spent some quality photographic time with a private client in an underground hide.

Yes, we got the low angle ellie shots, close ups of trunks in the water and tight portraits but one of the things Phil and I spoke during our time together was working a sighting and,  once you have your keepers, looking for and shooting different shots.

Experimenting is one of the best ways to learn and we burned up a lot of frames looking for shots, playing with exposure in the harsh light and trying different angles and techniques.

Still need to look through all the images from this amazing afternoon but for now here are two images that jumped out at me.

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography

I noticed that when the ellies turned to leave the water the late afternoon sun reflected off the water lighting up the cracked bottom of their feet. Didn’t have to wait to long to get this image of a young female walking away from the water.

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography

While photographing a herd of buffalo – a species I kinda struggle with photographically – they suddenly got spooked and started running in all directions.  I quickly dropped my shutter speed and fired into the watery chaos.

I have been wanting a shot similar to this one – not exactly like this so will keep trying – but was quite interested in this result.  Sure, it might not be everybody’s type of image but hey, we do this for ourselves don’t we?  Still have a few others from this sequence that I need to work through so I’m quite keen to see what comes 0ut of it.

Digital photography offers you amazing opportunities to experiment, to learn and to have fun.

Keep on shooting!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Joey

    I really like shooting from a hide… it is such a adrenaline rush being so close to wild animals. As for the last image… love it! Well done Gerry 🙂

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