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At the end of our Digital Photography course this last weekend we looked through a number of images on the big screen with the goal of reverse engineering them.

Once you have an understanding of principles like aperture, shutter speed and ISO an exercise like this is great to help you think about and share with the group what settings you would use should you be faced with  similar scene or subject – a great learning exercise.

One of the images we looked at was this one.

Wild Eye - Gerry van der Walt

Having just worked our way through the technical side of digital photography it was great to see that the way everybody was thinking about photography – even around images that have never even attempted themselves!  In the open discussion we ‘figured out’ the following:

  • Shutter Speed – In order to get as much light onto the camera censor as possible a long shutter is needed which will obviously require a tripod.
  • Aperture – In order to get as much light in through the camera lens a wide open aperture is needed.
  • ISO – In order to increase censor’s sensitivity to light a high ISO would be needed.
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Easy yes?

If you understand what each of the above mentioned variables do and how they work together you have all the tools necessary to create pretty much any type of image.

Once the group shared their opinions on what they believe they need to do in order to get the shot we share the EXIF info on the shot which, for this image, was:

  • Shutter Speed – 20 seconds
  • Aperture – f/2.8
  • ISO – 2000
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Yes, it’s nice to get carried away and try and get overly creative and fancy with your images but regardless of what kind of images you try to create the basics will always be a starting point.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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