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As you know, the Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition is well underway!


The entries are rolling in and just by doing a quick scroll through the January competition category it is quite evident that the judges are gonna have a really tough time in choosing the winners.   There are some absolutely awesome images being uploaded!


Now in keeping with the Wild Eye approach of sharing, learning and building a community we have just finalized and activiated a new feature on the Wild Eye Gallery.  



When you click on the little camera icon you will be able to view the EXIF info for the image you are viewing.  


It’s all fine and well to look at images for inspiration but when you look at the image along with the EXIF info you will be able to learn so much more.


What was the chosen aperture?  White balance?  Focal length?


I reckon THAT is when you really start learning.


Throughout the week we will be adding a few other icons and functions but more on that as they go live.


So, whether you are uploading images to the competition or just enjoying the magnificent visuals check out the new function and look at the images in a whole new light!


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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