Using Weather to Create Different Images

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We are all told the importance of light in an image and its effect on it.

This is true.

Light is a key feature in photography in as it accentuates and highlights a variety of different features in your frame, whether it is catching the gleam in an elephant’ eye, or the rich yellow of a leopards coat.

But what happens when the sun is still trying to make its climb or is inhibited by a think layer of mist that blankets the landscape?

Dont despair or put your camera down as this a great opportunity to explore different avenues of photographing nature and wildlife, and creating images that could be abstract and convey another story about nature.

The great thing with mist is that you also look harder to find the animals as not only is the bush hiding them, but the mist adds to the elusiveness of them.

I would probably have  never seen this spider web or taken much notice of it if it wasn’t draped in water droplets and its delicateness intensified.

We all strive to capture our subjects in the perfect moment and in the perfect light. Dont let different weather forecasts limit your creativity. Some subjects that you may not have found particularly interesting or beautiful in sunny conditions could really affect and capture you in a different lighting condition.

Enjoy every opportunity you can to explore the different facets of nature in your photography.


Penny Robartes


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