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Keeping with Gerry’s recent posts about trying out creative techniques in the field…some time ago I posted two variations on a zebra dust-bathing based on varying the shutter speed. This time, I am using a similar sighting (zebras busy with, you guessed it, dust-bathing!) and showing variations based on focus.

Focus, you say?

Yes. One in focus – the other OUT of focus.

The setting was the banks of the Mara river during our Great Migration photographic safari last year, as a herd of zebras were contemplating taking a drink from the precarious water.

First – in focus (with a slow shutter speed).


After capturing this and the fast shutter variation (see previous post), I encouraged my guests to play around with manually turning the focus rings of their lenses so that the zebras are nicely out of focus.


So that the “focus” can be on the abstract patterns of their stripes.  These images will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but have a look below and tell me what you think…


Feel free to add you thoughts in the comments below!

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