Video: The Special Adjustment Brush in Lightroom

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The Special Adjustment Brush in Lightroom gives you amazing control and the ability to make subtle adjustments to your wildlife images.

While preparing for our 2014 Master Classes I have been speaking to a lot of people and it seems that there are a lot of Lightroom users who do not fully understand the Special Adjustment Brush and other special adjustment tools in Lightroom.

In this video I discuss a few of the functions you might find useful when you process your wildlife images.

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If you have any questions drop me a comment below and then stay tuned for more.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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      Great to hear Carol! Glad you enjoy the blogs. If you have any specific functions of Lightroom you would like for us to look at let me know! We will also touch on a lot of these things when we head to Tuli in a few weeks time.

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