Video: Three Things That Will Improve Your Photography

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Before you get fancy with your photography you need to make sure you pay attention to the basics.

Based on discussions during various photo safaris, courses and photo walks I have found a common thread and in this video I chat about these three basic things that will improve your photography:

  • Know why you are picking up your camera.  I.e. know what your photographic goal is.
  • Don’t place your subject in the middle of the frame.
  • Remember to shoot in both portrait and landscape orientation
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Check out this video for more.

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Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Drew Cairncross

    Hi Gerry. Great post for those of us who don’t get out into the bush as often as we would like to, and when presented with a decent scene, or sighting, excitement takes over, and at times the brain stops working. Right in the beginning of the video, you mention thinking about what you are shooting. In a way, take stock of what is before you, think about it, and then shoot. I am to frequently guilty of dead centre shooting, then cropping and I think the size of photos modern cameras can produce make some of us even lazier in this regard. Anyway, to end off, when you are having a bad day, and need a laugh, you can resort back to this post….

    When I bought my first DSLR with video functionality, I was super stoked as there are times when a photo doesn’t tell the whole story. While visiting Sabi Sands, we found ourselves in a decent Leopard sighting. A female walking in the road a bit ahead of us, veered off and started drinking in a small puddle. Light was not bad, but a lot of branches and grass proved to be a bit of a distraction for stills. I also wanted to take some video home to show people how relaxed the animals are there, so it seemed like a good time to switch to video. That is about the time I stopped thinking!! Picture my surprise, horror and subsequent hysterical laughter at myself when I viewed the video I had shot in portrait!!! I’m still looking for a TV or monitor in portrait configuration. Ha ha ha ha!!!! What a fool, but the point being, that it is often the very basics which make or break a photograph and getting back to basics is never a bad idea, so thanks for the reminder.

  2. Stefan

    Hello Gerry,

    a lot of thanks getting me a little bit closer back to the basics again.
    I do photographs since a few years and I find my own way to express myself.
    But sometimes I lost the feeling and i can’t shoot the picture my eyes or better my mind had seen.

    Getting back to the rules leads me back to my inner sight ( hope you understand ! )

    I take the same words as Drew : Thanks for the reminder !

    best regards from Germany,

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