A Walk in the Gardens

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It cannot be denied that if you want to progress and excel in art, you need to practice with the tools specific to that art in order to see what they do, how they work, and how they all fit together in order for you to take complete control over what you would like and want to create.

Photography is no different.

Photography is an art. You create images. You choose your tools (camera settings) in order to create the image you envisioned.

Every Sunday morning after we have run a Digital Photography Course the day before, two Wild Eye guides head to Montecasino Birds Gardens to host a photo walk. This is a perfect opportunity to explore, learn and master your camera and its settings as we walk around taking photographs of the different birds in their different settings.

Sunday 8 June saw Chad Wright and I host a photo walk at the gardens, where we looked at all the different lighting situations, played around with different shutter speeds and other technical setting, explained settings such as exposure compensation and what it does, and so much more!

This day couldn’t have been better. The winter chill left the air, the sun was shining, and all the birds were poised in all their glory. We couldn’t have asked for a better morning!

The Photo Walk was the perfect opportunity to guide our fellow photographers and walkers to utilise and practice the knowledge and skills that they knew, for Chad and I to give advice and tips on how to combine the creative and technical aspects of photography in order to capture the guests vision of the scene in front of them, hone in on skills that they always wanted to try or had, but couldn’t get it quite right, and the list goes on!

Although practicing goes a long way in improving your photography and resultant images, the importance of being around like-minded and passionate people cannot be underplayed. We all have the same goals in mind – to have fun, explore the environment and its subjects with the camera, take images that we like, grow in our photographic capabilities whether it is technical, creative or both..and the list goes on!

Here are a couple of images that Chad and I took during the morning at Montecasino Bird Gardens:

Chad Wright

[gdl_gallery title=”chad” width=”125″ height=”125″ ]

Penny Robartes

[gdl_gallery title=”penny” width=”125″ height=”125″ ]

Although this is a fun and relaxed photo walk through the gardens and presents multiple photographic opportunities, it is also a great way to nail down the different creative and technical aspects of photography that you can then apply to when next out in the safari.

You wouldn’t want to miss or mess up that panning shot of a cheetah on the hunt, now would you?

For more information on the photo walks that we run at the Montecasino Bird Gardens, click here.

I hope to see you there next time!

Penny Robartes

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