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Nikon D3s, 270mm, 1/640, f/4, ISO 320

On a recent photo trip to Madikwe we spent quite a bit of time with this particular lioness.  She was walking with intent so we had to keep on repositioning to get our shots.

Looking through the images from that day this one popped up and I immediately picked up three things which could be of value to you when you next head out into the field.

  1. When photographing a walking animal the ‘foot-off-the-floor’ look will add to the dynamic nature of the image
  2. When you decide to ‘chop’ the animal to fit it in the frame do it intentionally and do it at a major joint.
  3. Don’t forget to shoot in portrait orientation as well.  Too often we get stuck in landscape and forget to try different things.

Like I mentioned in this post, don’t get stuck when photographing wildlife.  Keep going and try new things!

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Gerry van der Walt

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