Want to Improve Your Wildlife Photography?

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In order to improve your wildlife photography you have to do a few things.

You need to shoot, shoot and then shoot some more!

Yes, picking up your camera and using it is without a doubt the best way to get better at not only wildlife photography in general but also in the way you understand your equipment but also the way you look at and see your subjects.

That being said, we all end up in a rut sometimes and it is during those times that you need bit of inspiration, new ideas and possibly even some new techniques to try.

Wild Eye

Even when you’re on top of your game it is always possible to lift your game even further by shooting next to other photographers and spending time with people who challenges your creativity and inspires you to think out of the photographic box.

So, I am very excited to give you the latest 2014 Wild Eye offerings aimed at bettering your wildlife photography!

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2014 Madikwe Wildlife Photography Workshop

The entire Wild Eye team has an extensive history with the Madikwe Game Reserve and this workshop has been a long time coming.

Wild Eye - Madikwe Wildlife Photography Workshop

This exciting new workshop has been designed to give you the most personal and in-depth wildlife photography experience possible.

Check this out:

  • Only 3 photographers per workshop – focused attention!
  • Private 9-seater game viewer – one row per photographer!
  • Accommodation on a single basis – yes, your own room!
  • Underground waterhole hide – the only one in Madikwe!
  • Return transfers from JHB – you don’t even have to drive yourself!
  • Dedicated workshop sessions outside of normal game drives!
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The underground hide we will be using in Madikwe is a very unique and exciting addition to this workshop but is at the end of the day just another photographic tool and won’t be the sole focus of the workshop but we will be using it in order to work on various technical, creative and other wildlife photography related topics.

At Wild Eye we strongly feel that education is one of the cornerstones of our business and this workshop will bring together everything we love about photography, teaching and being out in the field!

Each workshop will be totally unique in that each participant will receive worksheets that will highlight the different types of techniques and images your presenter will be working through.

For more information or to book check out the link below!

Find out more!

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2014 Wild Eye Master Classes

On 16 January 2014 I will be hosting the first of the brand new monthly Wild Eye Master Classes!

The Wild Eye Master Classes have been designed to give you first hand access to the vast knowledge base and experience of the Wild Eye and guest presenters that will be hosting the various sessions.

During each Master Class the presenter will focus on a specific wildlife and nature photography related topic through presentations, discussions or live demonstrations.

It is important to note that a Wild Eye Master Class is not a course but rather a way to tap into more advanced and sometimes difficult to understand topics in order to take your photography to the next level.

We have had many people ask about advanced courses and workshops so we are very excited to announce the first four Master Classes for 2014!

Wild Eye - Master Class

Find out more!

Wild Eye - Master Class

Find out more!

Wild Eye - Master Class

Find out more!

Wild Eye - Master Class

Find out more!

These four Master Classes is just the tip of the iceberg so make sure to keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook page and website for all the future Master Classes!

If you’re not in South Africa or cannot make it to Johannesburg don’t worry!  You will still be able to have access to the inspirational and amazing content as all of the Master Classes will be recorded live and available to purchase online 30 days after each event.

So there you have it!!

I am very, very excited about these workshops and Master Classes (as well as a few other events and safaris we will be announcing towards the end of the year!) and look forward to seeing you at these events!

Want to improve your wildlife photography?

Until next time!

Gerry van der Walt

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