Is All You Want To Photograph A Leopard? Then Read This!

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What is you favorite photographic subject?

I know many of will say;

“If I see a beautiful scene in front of me, no matter what the subject, I will photograph it.”

I do agree with you on this. If things are falling into place photographically, PHOTOGRAPH IT!!!

I also know that some individuals really favor photographing the big cats, particularly the very elusive leopard.

If you one of these people who can never capture enough images of a leopard;


If you are one of the very unfortunate individuals who has never been able to photograph a leopard in the flesh because it kept hiding in the thickets or after spending endless hours out in the field and you have never had the luck on your side to find one;

Then I have the solution just for YOU!

If your main goal is to view that very elusive creature they call a leopard out in its natural environment doing what it does naturally; then our Nottens Photo Safari, or should I call it the Leopard Safari, in November this year is the one for you!

As I’ve heard some of my previous guests say, if you visit this area, you will see leopards falling out of the trees!

This is no lie…

The chances of not seeing a leopard are there BUT HIGHLY unlikely. Nottens Bush Camp is hidden in the heart of the Sabi Sands, which is leopard heaven but these animals are still wild and all have minds of their own and can come and go.

As I worked in the area for 3 years I can give you a 99.5% guarantee that you will see at least one leopard in a 3 night stay.

This particular safari is filling up quick so if you wish to be part of this spectacular adventure, get in touch and come and join me!

You never know what we will get but we might be lucky enough to see leopard everyday!

Some just laying around;

On a bit of a stroll;

Focused, stalking or even some hunting action;

We might be lucky to see then enjoying a meal or enjoy the peacefulness of them drinking;

The rare sighting of leopard mating is a possibility;

We all know what comes 90 days later… BABY leopard;

Always a good shot when they decide to show off their teeth;

A image of these spectacular cats while the sun rises is very possible with the scattered open areas;

We have a good chance of seeing both male & female leopard

We can experiment by taking some wide-angle images as well as some very close up images;

We will be very lucky to witness some interactions;

There is also the possibility of seeing these machines doing what they do best, jumping into and out of trees;

Playfulness and bath time is always interesting;

We can maybe come across a angry leopard;

Or even a laughing leopard;

Some side light photography at night is always a winner;

And once we have banked loads of good images, we can start getting creative;

I can comfortably say that there are few places that are as synonymous as the Sabi Sands when it comes to big game encounters. For many the mere mention of the name brings back memories of leopards with little cubs, lions hunting Cape buffalo after dark and elephant herds crossing sandy riverbeds. It’s known to deliver some of the best & most consistent game viewing experiences in Africa, and we aim to introduce you to the region.

The Notten’s Photo Safari will give you the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by your guide who is a specialist in the area. If you love photographing the “big stuff”, and you have a special love for leopards then this is undoubtedly the place for YOU!

Remember, there are only two spaces left, so if you feel the need for one, GRAB IT!

Nottens Photo Safari

Come and join me on a safari filled with like minded people, filled with fun and loads of leopard!

More Info

I look forward to hosting you on this big cat/leopard filled safari!

Until then;

Happy Snapping!

Michael Laubscher

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