The Way A Non-Photographic Guest Sees A Wild Eye Safari

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Hello all,

It’s taken a while to write… but here it is…;

I just returned home from my first photographic safari. I’ve been on other safaris before but this was a very new experience for me because, well, I’m not really a ‘photographer!’ 🙂

Apart from my iPhone, I don’t own a camera. I don’t use those enormous cameras and lenses that Deji, my husband enjoys shooting with. I probably couldn’t tell a 70-200 from a macro lens!!  And you know what? I’m completely comfortable with that.

However, I was a little nervous about travelling with a bunch of photographers as a ‘non-shooting companion’; I wasn’t sure how much fun I would have being trapped in a vehicle for several hours a day with advanced photographers. I feared that I would be bored to tears hearing photography fanatics yakking on about f-stops and radial blur and ISO for 10 days straight. I thought I might feel out of place. Eventually, Deji’s wild enthusiasm about his previous Wildeye safaris and his excitement about the Big Cats and Tuskers itinerary won me over.


My hesitations about fitting in with the group started to vanish once I met I met the group and especially, our guide, Michael Laubscher. He made me feel like I belonged; I never felt that my value as his guest was tied to the size of my camera. I noticed that our group had photographers of every skill level and Michael was great at making everyone feel comfortable.

The lodges we stayed at were all excellent – during our stay at the Mara Serena, I took an afternoon off from game viewing to relax by the pool and enjoy an excellent spa treatment. The grounds at the Naivasha Sopa Lodge were stunning.

Michael was patient and precise with the advice he gave each person and I found myself picking up on the photography lingo swirling around the vehicle or the dinner table.

His enthusiasm infected everyone whenever we came to a great photography opportunity especially when we caught a glimpse one morning of a striped hyena!! The sightings were spectacular  and the landscapes were absolutely gorgeous. I loved the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru but my favourite sights by far were the elephants and mountain and varied landscapes of Amboseli. I ended up taking dozens of beautiful photographs and videos with my iPhone that I will treasure them for years to come but when I think back, some of my most memorable moments happened when I just put down my phone and just basked in the beauty that unfolded before my eyes.


Thanks Michael for making it fantastic experience!


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