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I am very happy let you know that the brand new Wild Eye Gallery is now online!


During the next few weeks we will still be making a few small changes around the site but the gallery is setup and ready to go!  The Wild Eye Gallery is aimed at not only giving wildlife photographers a platform where they can showcase and share their photographs but also interact and get constructive feedback on their wildlife and nature images.




As of 1 January 2012 the gallery will also play host to the exciting Wild Eye Photography Competition so make sure to stay tuned for more information.  Great prizes for this one comeing up!


Moving forward we plan to keep things plain and simple but we do have to have certain guidelines to keep the gallery, images and interaction on the gallery fresh, relevant and fun.  We will be updating the below guidelines during December and will keep you posted on any changes but don’t worry – we plan on keeping things nice and simple!



Registering and uploading images to the Wild Eye Gallery is free but we do ask that when registering you please stick to the following guidelines:

  • Use your real name, or real nickname, as it is much easier to interact with each other and it keeps things friendly.  Telling “SA_Photo7615-MyPicsRock” that you like their images just feels wrong!  If you would like to change your username please leave a comment or drop me an email and I will update it for you!

  • If you have a website, or even a Facebook portfolio of images, please enter it as your homepage.  We are all about sharing and might want to tell people about your site and send themyour way.



Uploading Guidelines

Registering and uploading images to the Wild Eye Gallery is free but we do ask that when you start uploading your images you please stick to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum Image Dimension:  The maximum image dimension is 800px by 800px.  Larger images will be re-sized to fit inside those dimensions.

  • Minimum Image Dimension:  The minimum image dimension is 250px by 250px.  Smaller images won’t be uploaded.  Be proud of your work and upload larger images! 

  • Maximum File Size:  The maximum file size (per image) is 500kb.

  • Maximum Uploads per Day:  You are allowed to upload 4 images in any 24 hour period.

  • Categories:  Always select one of the three main categories – Wildlife, Birds, Nature – as your main category.  Only then add a sub-category should you choose to do so.

  • Sub-Categories:  Should you select a sub-category your images will show up in that gallery as well.  And it will help us build a fantastic visual experience of some amazing destinations.

  • Frames:  When you upload an image a simple white and black frame will be added.  Keep this in mind when adding your own frame.  Anyway, your images will look great with the standard frame!

  • Watermark:  Should you choose to include a watermark on your image we ask that you please keep it small and in one of the corners of your image.  Why?  We want to see your awesome images!



For now the Wild Eye Gallery will be focusing on wildlife and nature images.  Should the need arise we will look at adding new categories so before you upload anything other than wildlife please drop us an email to photography@wild-eye.co.za to check.  If you would like new categories, let us know.


Commenting and Interacting 

We believe that the photographic process should be shared and enjoyed by all.  To that end, let’s all keep the following in mind when commenting and interacting on each other’s images:


  • Keep it friendly.  Let’s build a community where we can share images, enjoy the experience and create a forum which we can all share and learn from.  Encourage others!

  • Keep it constructive. If you feel there is something wrong with an image by all means say so but let’s not get negative on each other and use the opportunity to learn, share and grow together.

  • Keep it clean.  No ugly words ok? 😉



That’s about it.  Easy as that! 


Register Now!

To register now click here!


We look forward to seeing your images on the Wild Eye Gallery!    If you have any quesitons please give me a shout! 


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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