Behind the Frame – What are you looking at?

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What are you looking at??

Malilangwe Conservancy, Zimbabwe

Canon 7D, Canon 100-400 mm L IS, 1/250, f/5, ISO 800


In October 2011 I was privileged enough to spend a morning with wildlife filmmaker, Kim Wolhuter, tracking a mother cheetah and five cubs in the Malilangwe Conservancy.


The mother was not in any great hurry on this particular morning, giving the cubs the opportunity to play and explore their surroundings. The sun had just popped above the horizon, providing stunning golden light on the cheetahs. Two of the little guys were playing on a fallen log when I took this shot.


The biggest challenge was to keep still, while Kim was filming from the seat in front of me. Because I was shooting from the hand, I pushed my ISO to 800 in order to get a relatively fast shutter speed.


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