What Is Inspiration?

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I wrote a blog a while back, “Inspiration From A Guests Eye View” feel free to give it a read but to round it off, it is about people needing inspiration to travel (or for anything in life really) and the blog shows off what some of my guests had experienced and others can use that as inspiration.

I am always big on encouraging others, may it be on a safari I’m hosting; during a course I’m presenting, at a dinner party or on a plane, come to think of it, everywhere to be quite honest, to use others work as their inspiration.

Regardless as to what inspiration you seek; career related goals, personal life goals, financial goals, parenting guidance or any form of inspiration really. Seeking inspiration every single day in all aspects of your life will be the first step to moving forward.

I know for many of you reading this, you do seek photographic inspiration, correct?

But enough of that!


What is this thing they call inspiration?

noun: inspiration

  1. 1.

– The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

So for you reading this where ever you may be, the next three lines are the steps to take and it will not only get your photography to where you want it to be, but also every other thing you do in and with your life!

  • First source of inspiration is deciding
  • Second source of inspiration is planning
  • Third & biggest source of inspiration is BEGINNING!

Get these three steps done, you will feel incredibly inspired and when one feels inspired, you feel good!

Feeling good leads to an internal drive and at this point you WILL see the results you want to see. Keep pushing on and you or your work will start inspiring others, which is truly a marvelous feeling!

If I may this internal drive I spoke of I will call motivation;


noun: motivation; plural noun: motivations

  1. 1.

–  A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way

This motivation comes from within and YOU! The choice is yours as to where it comes from!

Take chances and risks but at all times you need to make sure you take the right paths; which will lead you to finding the motivation you need!

A question relating to the first source of inspiration I am going to leave you with is;

Will you carry a camera with you and take at least one photograph with it every day for the next year to better you photography?

The answer to this will be noticed by the results you will see in months to come.

Accept that challenge and you will see the change!

I do look forward to hearing your stories of your inspiration!

Until then;

Happy Snapping!


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