What Questions Come To Mind?

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You gotta love wildlife photography!

There are so many different ways to shoot so many different subjects.  The options are truly endless and for me one of the best things about viewing images online is to play with the questions that inevitably pop up in my mind.

With that in mind have a look at the following two images and see what questions pop up in your mind.


 So, having had a quick look at the images what questions came to your mind?

Where was the images taken?

What time of day were the images taken?

Was the image part of a sequence?

How far was the lion from Gerry?

What shutter speed would have been fast enough to freeze the walking lion?

What aperture was used to blur the background?

Was it overcast in the one image?

What is the lion looking at?

How old is the lion?

How were the images processed?

What white balance was used and was it adjusted?

Is there a slight vignette around the second image?

How much sharpening did Gerry apply to these images?

Why did Gerry not clone out the little piece of grass on the right of the first image?

Did you come up with any of those?  Perhaps a few other questions as well?

You see, for this post I purposefully did not give the camera make and model I used for the two images – and yes they were different.


Because don’t you think that the above questions make for much better discussions – not to mention learning possibilities –  than the standard what camera did you use?

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Garth

    Where were you (the photographer) in relation to the lion in the first photo, to be able to get the lion almost at eye level?

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