Where do you find the time?

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Photography is about sharing.

Photography is about sharing

Sharing time in the field, sharing experiences and – in today’s digital world – sharing your images online.

My question is – where do you find the time?


If you go and scroll through various photo sharing and social media sites you some some nature photographers posting images every… single… day.  And on every… single… platform.

Hey, I think sharing is great as it acts as inspiration for so many other people but – where do you find the time?

Personally I do feel that that there is such a thing as, photographically speaking, over-sharing on social media as it will in a way desensitize people to your work even though your name will be out there but that is a topic for another time.  For now the question I still need an answer to is – where do you find the time?

I work in the photographic travel and education industry and I am in the fortunate position to use my camera on a very regular basis in some truly amazing destinations but when I return it’s back to the real world and running a business.  g

My collection of RAW files keep on growing as does the amount, let’s call it, potentially great images but the time to work through, select, process, re-size for this site, re-size for that site, uploading and checking back and thanking people for comments seems in short supply.

All in all I’m not too worried about though.  I know that I am building a great collection of nature images and when I get the time to work through and share my images I will be able to share a complete portfolio rather than just a bunch of random images.  Patience, they say, is a virtue

That being said, showing off your work is fun and I would love to be able to share more highlights from our various trips, post images and blog posts, comment on images online and indulge in my passion for sharing.

It’s just the time.

Let’s end it with a quick visual analogy (and a quick excuse to share an image).

The water is the amount of work.

I am the seal keeping my head above it!

Cape Fur Seal

 So, seriously now – where do you find the time?

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt


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  1. JH

    Very good question. For context I am not a professional photographer. I have a day job. Our issues are the same (sort of).

    But that does not mean I don’t want to be one. I think about this a lot. And I often wonder how you guys do it. And make a living from it. And now from where to find the time ;-). Sorry I can’t help with an answer but I will follow the post thread with interest.

    Maybe after this one you can pose the following: can you make a living – or just fund your gear – solely from selling great nature and wildlife images? Or do you have to supplement it with presenting workshops, guide ours etc?

    Thanks for sharing – I enjoy your images and sites.

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