Where Should I Go?

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The more I get to travel around and explore, the more I am blown away by the diversity, not only in our own country, South Africa, but on our amazing Continent.

For this reason I am usually left confused and undecided when people ask me “So where is the best place to go on safari”.

Now if you ask ten different Photographic Guides you will most likely get ten different answers but my question to you would be “What is it that YOU would like to see and experience?”

What made YOU want to come to Africa?”


See every country in Africa will give you something unique, and even just in South Africa you can go on several different safaris and experience something totally different.  The scenery, the Fauna and Flora, even behaviour of animals differ from area to area.


I recently visited the Kalahari again, which holds a very special place in my heart, purely because it is just so different.

It lacks the big trees that you find in the Lowveld and areas like Botswana, but boy does it make up for it with sightings of rare nocturnal species.

Animals like Cape Fox, Bat Eared Fox, Aardwolf, Aardvark, Pangolin, Porcupine etc breaths fresh air of enthusiasm in any nature lovers heart.



It is for this particular reason that I love what we do.  Each one of us have our 3 or 4 different destinations that we are extremely passionate about, offering our clients an experience that is not only memorable but extremely diverse with not one area being the same.

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So next time when you go on Safari – and make sure it’s a Wild Eye safari – ask yourself the question first: What is it that YOU would like to see and experience in Africa?


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The opportunity of visiting some of the wildest, undisturbed areas and sharing my passion for wildlife, conservation and photography with like minded people is a privilege that I am forever grateful.

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