Meet the Wild Eye Ambassadors: Andrew Aveley

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Andrew Aveley

Who am I?

I am a family man and photographer with an intense love of the outdoors and the natural world. I feel blessed to have been born in Africa, as this truly is a continent that feeds your soul.

Over time I have learnt that it has an indescribable beauty and diversity. With such richness, I am drawn to the natural beauty that surrounds me.  From the amazing animals and people that inhabit this diversity of life, to the soil and climate that both provides life and on occasion make it a struggle just to survive.

My images are a reflection of the emotions and feelings I had at the moment the shutter was released. The awesome nature of these feelings is what continues to inspire me to capture and share the world through my lens, one frame at a time.

Not only do my own images motivate me to continue shooting, but also do the awesome photographers I share these moments with.  Wanting to share this feeling has been at the forefront of my interest in photography for quite some time.

It is all about capturing that single exposure out in the field with the equipment in my hands, the people around me – I strive to create new and unique views of our natural world through my lens.

Please join me on a journey to capture some unique and inspiring natural images.

“There is always a moment which makes you reflect and look back at life… photography is no different.  All it takes is one frame and when I am doing what I love, at that moment I am truly free – a moment to think about life and enjoy the small gifts, the true meaning of friendship, nature, family and why life is worth living.  Peace n light “

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Check out some of the trips Andrew will be running and links to his online profiles here!

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