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A Kick-Ass Day in the Mara

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If you know anything about Wild Eye, read our blogs, follow us on our various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter and more, then I have no doubt in my mind that you know how the Masai Mara is quite a …


Don’t Wing it

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I’ve said it many times here on the blog – but bird photography should be on every wildlife photographer’s priority list to improve on. Why? It’s GREAT practice. It’s GREAT fun. It’s PORTABLE (you can do it anywhere as birds …

Nick Rabjohn

Be Inspired By: Hyenas

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Misunderstood by many, Hyenas are incredible animals both from a social interaction and photography point of view. This last weekend we asked you to share your Hyena images on our Facebook page as a part of the weekly Be Inspired By …

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The Art of Concealment

Penny Robartes Penny

We travel to wild destinations to be immersed in a beauty that is particular to it, to experience a freedom and relief that is unique to it and that cannot be substituted in our daily lives, to close our eyes and …


Be Inspired By: Elephants

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For this week’s Be Inspired By theme we asked you to share your favourite images of Elephants. Apart from being one of the largest and most charismatic species of African wildlife, elephants seem to transcend the barrier between humans and …

Making Wildlife Photography Intimate Andrew-2

Making wildlife photography intimate

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Last week I wrote about how I felt that the world of macro photography was so much more intimate than wildlife photography. It’s safe to say that when it comes to proximity to our subjects these two genres are worlds …