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Our Guests in the Wild

Marlon duToit All Authors, Marlon 4 Comments

I often get asked what a safari experience with Wild Eye is like. It’s a tough one to answer. In general, it’s unlike any other event you’ll get to enjoy – it engages all of your senses and creates memories …


The Golden Lining

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I come across the issue of metering & exposure so often whilst out on safari with my guests, and I really do not think that people give this topic enough attention. To become a well-rounded wildlife photographer – completely in …


My Moments with Leopards

Marlon duToit All Authors, Marlon 11 Comments

Leopards – who does not have a soft spot for them? I am convinced that they must be the number one animal most returning safari-goers have on their bucket-list. Sure lions, elephants and giraffe are right up there when it …

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Dreaming of Mana Pools

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I daily browse through my image library in search of content to share, and often find myself dreaming about returning to all of the beautiful places I’ve been fortunate to have visited. Few places carry such weight in my heart …