Hallo Halo

Morkel Erasmus All Authors, Morkel 1 Comment

So often we try to position ourselves with the sun at our back to get that “golden light” look – but positioning ourselves to shoot into the sun at these golden hours have such a nice effect that many people …

night skies, stars, marlon du toit, wild eye, africa

Capture the Night Skies

Marlon duToit All Authors, Marlon 1 Comment

The night skies in Africa can hold it’s own for sheer beauty against any other destination. The lack of pollution makes for incredible visibility and clarity, something every safari enthusiast can’t seem to get enough of. So how would you …

mana pools, wild eye, marlon du toit, photo safari

Think Bigger!

Marlon duToit All Authors, Marlon 2 Comments

Start thinking bigger! Too often the inclination leans towards tight, portrait styled images. That’s great and undoubtedly has it’s place. I will be first to admit that little compete’s with lusciously textured close-ups of leopards & lions. That said, why …