Wild Eye Diaries Episode 15

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The Wild Eye Diaries will be posted every Friday and will include interviews, Q&A’s, from the field videos, video diaries and a whole lot more. The Wild Eye guides will take turns in hosting each episode so that you can get to know our entire dynamic guiding team!

We look forward to changing the way you see the world!

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Episode 15 hosted by Johan Van Zyl

This episode includes:

oo:33 – Intro – Johan Van Zyl

01:32 – Gerry chats about his upcoming Gorilla Safari

04:01 – Marlon shares some highlights from his recent safari

10:29 – Alistair shares some ideas on what to pack for Safari

17:25 – Mike shares some ideas on Lightroom

Follow the link to the full Behind The Frame video Michael spoke of:


The link to the full Lightroom blog Michael spoke of:


20:15 – Trevor chats about what he’s been up to the last week

22:08 – Wrapping up


About the Author

Johan van Zyl


The opportunity of visiting some of the wildest, undisturbed areas and sharing my passion for wildlife, conservation and photography with like minded people is a privilege that I am forever grateful.

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  1. Sallie Anthony

    Oh wow Fame at last 😂😂😂 Joking apart. It was a brilliant day and I want to thank Trevor for his patience. It really was worth having this One to One .
    Thanks again Trevor

    1. Post

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