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Wild Eye Diaries Episode 34

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Wild Eye Diaries – Episode 34

The Wild Eye Diaries will be posted every Friday and will include interviews, Q&A’s, from the field videos, video diaries and a whole lot more. The Wild Eye guides will take turns in hosting each episode so that you can get to know our entire dynamic guiding team!

We look forward to changing the way you see the world!


Episode 34 –  Hosted by Alistair Smith

This episode includes:

00:35 – Introduction to Episode 34 – Alistair

04:38 – Trevor pops in for a brief update on his past two weeks in the Mara. More updates to follow soon.

07:07 – Mike provides us with an awesome highlights package of his last few months on safari!

19:42 – Johan speaks about his privately guided trip to both Cape Town and the Kruger National Park

23:05 – Andrew is off to Hwange to host the very first Hwange Lion Conservation Safari. We hear from Andrew as he was departing for the safari

26:13 – Gerry has spent an enormous amount of time compiling a very exciting Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop Booklet. Gerry shares the contents of the booklet with us this week

35:22 – Wrapping things up!



In case you missed episodes 1-33, you can find them HERE

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode!

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